I'll be a journalist! New York Times Opinion columnists, editorials and op-eds. CP Scott: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred" Audience Engagement Editor. When an article has been written on spec, this early stage conversation between an editor and writer isn’t possible. Most of the pieces that we run on Guardian Opinion are news reactive, so they respond to a specific news story that has recently broken. Read more! The Guardian, based in Charlottetown, has covered the events, politics and business of Prince Edward Island for more than 130 years. Look at where we live and how we work, It's been a bad year for the number crunchers, Here's how to tackle the Covid-19 anti-vaxxers. Greater New York City Area. El actor británico dijo adiós a los 69 años víctima de un cáncer de páncreas que padecía desde hacía tiempo. The Daily Guardian: Read Opinion Columns, Editorial Columns, Expert Views, News Analysis on Trending Topics from The World of Politics, Business and Sports on thedailyguardian.com. Getting up early and then sitting in uncomfortable chairs for hours doing non-stop work is not the ideal day for kids. Otra petición era que el artículo debía llevarse a cabo con un estilo claro y conciso. 149K likes. We came from Ontario to see the beautiful vistas, icebergs, puffins and moose. El poeta, traductor y editor Sandro Cohen murió la tarde de este jueves, a los 67 años, luego de permanecer hospitalizado, desde el pasado 13 de octubre, por The Guardian, based in Charlottetown, has covered the events, politics and business of Prince Edward Island for more than 130 years. Labour would do well to rediscover its ‘conservative’ side, The Covid vaccines bring hope, but in many parts of the UK this crisis will last, Only an idiot would claim the vaccine triumph was a vindication of Brexit, The Covid vaccine arrived quickly – but there's every reason to trust it, Being cautious is the best thing you can do this Christmas, Covid has shown me what lies beyond boredom: post-boredom, Have hope – the UK has a track record of successful vaccine campaigns, Want to understand the Covid map? M&G Media. Full-time - New York Office, United States. Dear Editor, On June 5, 2019, the three of us were involved in a rollover accident on highway 210 (Burin Peninsula). Editorial: The real issue is the Trump administration’s actions over the last four years, but the risks may be growing as it heads for the exit But those occasions are pretty rare. The Guardian You can now read the full story. 148K likes. Opinion. El escrito publicado por el diario “The Guardián” inició con la frase “No soy humano. This content is restricted to subscribers. Read more! The Washington Post Opinions section features opinion articles, newspaper editorials and letters to the editor on the issues of the day. Band together, oppose the plan. We welcome your pitches to Guardian Opinion – it’s best to send them via email, to opinion@theguardian.com. Dear Editor, It is noteworthy that only Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, National Security Minister Marvin Dames, St. Anne’s MP… Read More » The Nassau Guardian 3 days ago Latest comment, analysis and discussion from Guardian Australia. We receive hundreds of pitches a day, so we can’t get back to every email unfortunately, but there are some simple things you can do to maximise your chances of being published. The Guardian… NEXT week's 2020-21 Victorian State Budget is a critical chance to lay out a plan to restore Victorians' lives and livelihoods. Check out the recent news editorials from the Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, including all the headlines and controversial topics. Full-time - New York Office, United States. Why are so many prisoners in England still serving these cruel, endless sentences? Expose corruption, highlight triumphs of the human spirit, pace around my laptop drinking red wine! We like opinions. Opinion | The Guardian Saltwire works best with JavaScript enabled. Here's how to help them, 'V-Day', really? If you send over a single idea, it makes it much easier for us to consider it properly, and get back to you. Latest opinion, analysis and discussion from the Guardian. This is because editors like to work closely and carefully with a writer to determine the best length and focus for a piece. El GPT-3 se programó con varios límites, por ejemplo, su artículo no debía exceder de las 500 palabras. Perhaps you’re an expert in the particular subject you’d like to write about, or you have a personal story that will bring readers new insight into an aspect of the day’s news. Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2020 Need action and investment NEXT week’s 2020-21 Victorian State Budget is a critical chance to lay out a plan to restore Victorians’ lives and livelihoods. El próximo 13 de enero se cumplirán cinco años de la muerte de Alan Rickman. Opinion. China once celebrated its diversity. Guardian columnist John Harris met some of them; it was a sobering experience, Anyone thinking this week’s good news ought to be a PR open goal reckoned without the cabinet, It’s safe, it works, and it gives a tantalising glimpse of what else might be achieved given sufficient political will, says Dr Charlotte Summers, of the University of Cambridge, The government’s ambiguous advice has pushed decisions on to individuals. If you have an idea for a piece you’d like to write for us, here are our guidelines, Comment is free launched 10 years ago today – so here’s to you, the readers | Kira Cochrane. The Guardian editor who commissioned a “robot-written” opinion piece has said she may experiment with the technology again – perhaps if Donald Trump wins a … Occasionally, an opinion will be so interesting that we’ll run it without a specific news peg. In Barcelona, we're showing how, It was always lost on Brexiteers – but the EU is fundamentally about peace, Europe's Muslims are European. Confident: Khadija Patel. The Nassau Guardian’s ownership has been “pro-active in the pursuit of freedom of information, inclusive in terms of community coverage, zealous in the protection of editorial independence, and committed to providing the best customer service for our advertisers and readers.” How has it come to embrace ethnic nationalism? In fact, those have often proved some of our liveliest pieces. For all our sakes, safety must come first, Think of Covid-19 as a feature, not a bug, for those in the president’s orbit – and New York’s one-time iconic mayor is the latest to get it, Those who remember being separated from loved ones over the festive season can remind us of what is truly important, My friend Aynür’s life tells the story of how Uighurs have been purposefully dehumanised by the party-state, Boris Johnson is dodging a public inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane by loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, says John Finucane, Sinn Féin MP for Belfast North, Does the government grasp the scale of the challenge of digital regulation?, asks competition lawyer Michelle Meagher, As we become more reliant on wind and solar power, we drive down the cost of the technology, Though a poor diagnosis of global events, this implausible theory offers a grim insight into the public mood, From non-polluting transport to sustainable industries, urban areas are perfect for testing radical new ideas, says Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, The 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials puts the fantasy of resistance to tyrannical Brussels into proper perspective, says Guardian columnist Rafael Behr, For EU leaders to seek solutions abroad to end prejudice against millions of their own citizens is insulting and meaningless, Covid-19 has already put 3 million young Europeans out of work. Opinion Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2020 The Guardian Nov 20 2020. Llegará el 4 de enero y tendrá contenido exclusivo del medio británico. Wollstonecraft and Woolf deserve statues. Pitches for a 700-800 word column (the average length of our pieces) don’t need to be more than a few paragraphs long. Opinion. This is a senior leadership position and will involve overseeing and supporting the editorial team's diversity and inclusion goals at … Letters to the Editor, December 4 2020 December 4, 2020 Editor: As everyone knows, most kids dread having to go to school. Soy un robot pensante”. Good people of Swan Hill. More editorial jobs View all jobs. Jan 2017 – Mar 2017 3 months. Blaming 2020 for our misery obscures the reasons why this year was wretched, Covid has finished off the old high street, but we can replace it with something better, From codpieces to zeppelins: here's to the best of Brexit, This is the last exit to Brexit. The scars for these under-25s could take a decade to heal, Boris Johnson has warned that securing a deal at an imminent Brexit summit in Brussels will be ‘very difficult’ but backed ‘the power of sweet reason to get this thing over the line’, The US president’s attacks on Republican officials in Georgia and insistence his defeat must be overturned have received scathing criticism from the state’s lieutenant governor, The UK and EU are racing to strike a deal that would bring to an end four years of fractious negotiations, Moderate and extremist leavers will tear into each other once the reality of exiting the EU is clear, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, New immigration rules will stop EU staff being recruited by a sector that relies on them to fill its soaring vacancy rates, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins, Anything other than stopping Brexit was written off as both disastrous for the country and morally untenable, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones, Two contexts have existed in parallel: one about respect for the process, and the other about practicalities, says the Guardian columnist Zoe Williams, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Deputy Editor in Chief, Guardian US. We like opinions. Border reopening presents new challenges, ... 21 Nov 2020. Guardian Opinion Editor denies all knowledge of Guardian Editorial Opinion An utterly bogus hasbara piece on The Guardian website titled The Guardian view on the war of knives in Israel and the West Bank and subtitled Editorial prompted an interesting twitter exchange. The Guardian's online comment section is 10 – which articles do you remember most. It is not helpful to simply write “column pitch”, because your email will arrive in our inbox alongside hundreds of other emails with exactly the same subject line. Last modified on Thu 11 Aug 2016 05.43 EDT. The British government is still hiding the truth about my father's murder, Post-Brexit Britain will have to do better than this to curb the power of big tech, Renewable energy’s plummeting price should put the wind in our sails, How the 'great reset' of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy, Cities can lead a green revolution after Covid. Cronyism is rife, our system of checks and balances is being dismantled, and ordinary people will soon start to suffer, says the transparency activist, Supermarkets have just paid back their Covid handouts – why not divert this money to people in deep financial trouble, asks Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey, Those who claim a ‘win for Britain’ want to distract us from the government’s incompetence and cronyism, Imprisonment for public protection tariffs were abolished in 2012, yet many people still languish in jail as a result of them, says author Francisco Garcia, With crises like Covid, it’s comforting to point the finger away from ourselves – but we don’t learn by doing so, says academic Lea Ypi, Preston and Wrexham show that communities can find solutions that don’t require big property developers, says Owen Hatherley, culture editor at Tribune, The pandemic has badly hit people who were already facing financial hardship. But do they represent women like me? We’re just looking for an outline of what you’d like to write about, including a description of the argument you would be making, plus any details that help bring the subject to life and explain why it’s important for us to cover it. Khadija Patel resigns as Mail & Guardian editor-in-chief. Those who tell us what to do during the pandemic must earn our trust, We need scientists to quiz Covid consensus, not act as agents of disinformation, The Guardian view on Vaccine Day: an opportunity to seize, The Guardian view of a pandemic royalty: The Crown is more truthful, The Guardian view on a Brexit deal: this is going to hurt, The Guardian view on online child abuse: this horror must be faced, Rudy Giuliani learned through experience that Trump is a danger to our health, Wartime Christmases can teach us how to 'muddle through' in the time of Covid. It’s also worth mentioning, briefly, any writing experience you’ve had in the past, but don’t be put off pitching us a piece simply because you haven’t been published before. Need action and investment. Guardian Opinion, London, United Kingdom. Working here. Latest news, sport, business, comment, analysis and reviews from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice Opinion. We welcome your pitches to Guardian Opinion – it’s best to send them via email, to opinion@theguardian.com. Now we're all paying the price, We have realised too late the abstract and concrete realities of Brexit can't be reconciled, Joe Biden’s drive for diversity in top political jobs is only an illusion of change, Obama’s given the left a vital lesson in how to talk – and how not to, Allegations of Islamophobia in the Labour party go far beyond one party donor, Boris Johnson must give up on fishing: it's the only way to get a Brexit deal, As predicted, women are suffering because of the two-child benefits limit, Can't be led, won't be led: Johnson's backbench rebels are incapable of loyalty, The mishandling of Covid has created a social epidemic: widespread poverty, The EHRC report is clear: the Home Office is trampling on people's rights, Frontline workers should be first in vaccine queue, No need to take offence to the word ‘faggot’, Review of Human Rights Act asks the wrong questions, Letter: Des O’Connor was an enormously kind man, Arcadia and the failings of modern capitalism, What fishing rights mean to Brexit Britain, Not all women think fondly of pub culture, To reverse inequality, we need to expose the myth of the ‘free market’, Steve Bell’s If ... the Queen plans a Christmas shooting party. Border reopening presents new challenges, Ley writes ... 21 Nov 2020. It can be tempting, when you have an idea, to write the whole piece, and send it over, but it’s very rare for us to publish a piece in these circumstances. Mar 2017 – Present 3 years 8 months. You might work in an industry that has just been the subject of a breaking story, and want to opine on it. Stop outsourcing their plight to foreign leaders, Europe can't afford to lose another generation to youth unemployment, Steve Bell on the prospects for a UK-EU trade deal — cartoon, Ben Jennings on Donald Trump's continuing refusal to admit defeat – cartoon, Martin Rowson on the scramble to agree Brexit deal – cartoon, Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will light the fuse for a Tory civil war, England is facing another needless Brexit disaster: care home staff shortages, Hard remainers wouldn't accept a soft Brexit. Britain has some of the greatest theoretical scientists, so why won't it properly fund them? SEE, the thing about small towns is that they're full of cliches and good people. CP Scott: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred" Latest comment, analysis and discussion from the Guardian. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Las expectativas no son menores: para diciembre de 2021, buscan capturar a 10 millones de usuarios únicos Latest comment, analysis and discussion from the Guardian. A vaccine is joyful news – but am I really ready to go back to the world? A few precise words on exactly what you’re interested in writing about make it much more likely that an interested editor will be able to find your pitch, later in the day, when they have a chance to get back to you. The Guardian You can now read the full story. Letters to the Editor: November 20, 2020 Need action and investment NEXT week’s 2020-21 Victorian State Budget is a critical chance to lay out a plan to restore Victorians’ lives and livelihoods. Opinion Letters to the Editor: November 6, 2020 The Guardian Nov 06 2020. Opinion Letters to the Editor: November 13, 2020 The Guardian Nov 13 2020. Check out the recent news editorials from the Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, including all the headlines and controversial topics. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In that time, Megan had gone from a reporter to the Opinion Editor of The Guardian, and I from a wayward early 20-something to a wayward nigh-30, but with better cardigans and a genuine, actionable plan to do good in the world. Opinion. All rights reserved. a dangerous proposition Caixabank shareholders pave way to create Spain's biggest bank with Bankia Analysis from David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, Charles Blow, Paul Krugman and others. LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cycling in P.E.I. The vaccine should be a source of global joy, not petty patriotism. 8 May 2020. By BBN Staff: United Democratic Party (UDP) talk show host and newspaper editor, Alfonso Noble, today appeared in court. The news story is the “peg” for the column – the reason why this is a pressing issue that readers need to hear more about. We take many pieces from first-time writers, because they’ve been exactly the right person to write the column in question. Make sure to tell us, in your email, why you’re the right person to write this particular story. IMAGINE one day you look out the front window and notice campers had decided to pitch a tent on your nature strip. But in truth, there was only ever one road, Dry your eyes, Matt Hancock, the UK had almost nothing to do with this vaccine. 'The Guardian' señala a un pueblo español como "uno de los peores focos de COVID-19 de Europa" Opinion; Obituary: Peter Preston, former Guardian editor Peter Preston, a much-loved editor and media commentator who helmed the Guardian newspaper for almost 20 years, has died aged […] Deputy Opinion Editor Guardian News & Media. Guardian sources say Prior – the UK news organisation's digital editor and former head of sport – is away from work while management investigate the allegations, made in … In some cases, we will already have published other pieces on the subject you’d like to write about, so we will only commission you if your piece can explore a specific element of the story that has yet to be considered. Guardian US is seeking a deputy editor to work with the Editor In Chief to lead a process already underway to diversify our journalism at all levels. Joseph Harker, deputy opinion editor The first appearance of the word “Brexit” in a Guardian Opinion article was written by our columnist Timothy Garton Ash in December 2012. Under Boris Johnson, corruption is taking hold in Britain, Millions of people have fallen through the 'safety net'. When there are more ideas than that in an email – we’ve been known to receive emails with 20 ideas – it can feel as if we’re being sent a round robin, as if the ideas haven’t been developed with our section specifically in mind. The myth of a reactionary 'red wall' obscures the causes of the north-south divide, The UK's gambling review has to be free of industry influence and political dithering. ... has also tendered his resignation as Deputy Editor of the Mail & Guardian. Opinion Editor, Guardian US Guardian News & Media. Guardian Opinion, London, United Kingdom.

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