Not only can it give your pages or posts an identity, but a title also has the power to attract people to read the content further. But for a large WordPress blog tags and categories should be noindex, which tells Google not to show these things, but do follow and use resource pages rather. Assuming you already have the plugin installed and activated, here’s how to do it. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: e40c4bb460fa330141b433ed09bad090. WordPress has a bad habit of removing or reformatting br and p tags that are entered into posts and pages. //** Return if string not given or empty. I will be receiving commission as an affiliate to products and services being reviewed on this blog, if you will make purchases through my blog’s links. It’ll make developing a WordPress theme so much easier. !is_string ($repto) ? Please let me know your thoughts at your convenience. (Effective Ways). The reason why many bloggers including me don’t want to disclose their tags are:- Description # Description. WordPress line break not working is a common issue faced by users. Choose Remove Block … Go to the editor for a post or page, then scroll down. What is Bitcoin (BTC) and How to Make Money with Bitcoin Trading? add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘remove_empty_tags_p’, 20, 1); GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Remove empty p tags from specific pages in WordPress If you want to kill that wpautop function on specific page, for instance when you need to just dump a big blob of custom markup in to the content field then I created a WordPress plugin that will work for you. I’ve been wondering how to get rid of the list tags in a WordPress theme. Auto Post New Content With the WordPress upgrade to version 3.2, the text editor seems to remove the line break by itself. Unfortunately all the code provided doesn’t actually remove the tag archives of any existing tags, which still leaves us with those redundant tag archive pages. Today I have added few lines of html code in HTML / Text widget of WordPress and I was constantly getting a paragraph / line space

added automatically to my widgets. For example, take a look at this screenshot of the section below the write/edit screen. Login to the WordPress Administrator Click on check box for each tag you wish to delete Click on the drop-down arrow of the button labeled Bulk Actions. So after researching for almost 30 minutes I had found a simple piece of code, that I had added to functions.php file of my wordpress theme, saved it and viola it simply removed unwanted paragraph tags / spacing from my text widget. Let us look at some neat tips and tricks to get you around this known issue in WordPress. Home → Knowledge Base → Remove   Empty p tags from wordpress post / page content, Adding content in wordpress editor might add empty p tags which contains only   or nothing. It been a good experience as Tanvi has been prompt during the making of the website .. Icon Web Solutions is very professional organization that puts the customer first. Manually inspecting, implementing, and resolving WordPress mixed content warnings can be a time-consuming process. Categories often get more exposure due to their broader scope, which gives tags a little less attention. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When WordPress processes shortcodes, it first passes the content through its wpautop() function to convert line breaks to

tags. Great hands on training, good study materials and I have no words for the personal touch and individual attention. But if you aren’t willing to switch themes you can remove your page titles manually using a child theme. It was very annoying and I had tried various plugins to disable / remove unwanted paragraph tags from my wordpress site’s widget. In WordPress you can hook into TinyMCE’s configuration using the tiny_mce_before_init filter. Some of WordPress themes by developers like Themify, MyThemeShop and ElegantThemes etc. Changes double line-breaks in the text into HTML paragraphs (


). Remove the Paragraph Tag from Images via WordPress Functions. WordPress uses it to filter the content and the excerpt. But that sounds messy and we’re not trying to make it complicated for you. Or you can try out the following plugins to remove unwanted auto p tags. Delete any tag with a count of “0.” Step 2: Choose tags to merge. Remove p tags which contains   such as


. ” : $repto. //** Replace with nothing if string empty. Here is the screenshot of the category title in TwentySeventeen theme (the default WordPress theme): How To Noindex WordPress Tag Archives In Yoast SEO. Instead of using tags use those keywords throughout the content. But if you already have tags and want to remove it for some reason, you can use above 2 methods to hide tags or category from your WordPress blog post. Better solution and faster (already included in WordPress). Within that callback we can strip out any tags that we don’t want, and remove class, id and any other undesirable attributes from our content. Description # Description. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. This differs from strip_tags() because it removes the contents of the