He began a 15 year long friendship with financier Henry Huttleston Rogers, a principal of Standard Oil. Sensing a major business opportunity, he began to invest and become a major developer of Florida's east coast in what many regard as his "second career." On July 1, 1892, Staten Island, New York's first trolley line opened, running between Port Richmond and Meiers Corners. A representative case of an exceptional relationship was Washington's friendship with millionaire industrialist and financier Henry H. Rogers (1840–1909). Then, a few months later, crude oil prices suddenly increased due to manipulation by speculators. The 10 Richest Americans Of All Time After Adjusting For Inflation (Updated List! #9: Jay Gould – $71 billion (1836 – 1892, railroads). By this date, Charles Pratt was reaching an age to consider retirement, and he subsequently devoted much of his time and interests to activities such as founding the Pratt Institute. After a funeral at the First Unitarian Church in Manhattan, his body was transported to Fairhaven by a New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad train. Rogers also provided Booker T. Washington with funds for the establishment of schools for southern blacks. Walmart today is the nation's largest retailer and largest employer with 2.1 million workers and annual revenues of $422 billion. A descendant of the original Mayflower Pilgrims, he made his fortune in the oil refining business, becoming a leader at Standard Oil. By the way, I have been using a pair of your gloves in the Mountains, and they don't seem to be much of an attraction. -Virginian Railway funder, Henry Huttleston Rogers Creating direct rail routes was an intensive process . In Pennsylvania, Rogers was introduced to Charles Pratt (1830–91). The Ohio Attorney General filed and won an antitrust suit in 1892. East Ohio Gas Company (EOG) was incorporated on September 8, 1898, as a marketing company for the National Transit Company, the natural gas arm of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Fully equipped, it offers an interpretive display of the business conducted in a caboose along the historic right-of-way. He was interred beside Abbie in Fairhaven's Riverside Cemetery. A Rogers coal property attorney in Staunton, Virginia formed another intrastate railroad in Virginia, the Tidewater Railway. It was to be a very successful combination. As their family grew, Henry and Abbie continued to live in New York City, but vacationed frequently at Fairhaven. History does not tell us if he foresaw that the promising young man was destined to become one of his major partners.

Rogers and a friend, Charles P. Ellis, went together to the Oil City district, each having about $600 in savings. This so impressed Pratt that he immediately hired him for his own organization. At his death he held assets later estimated to be worth $100 million, but a 2012 critical examination of his wealth considers $41,000,000 (equivalent to $1,167,000,000 in 2019) a closer estimate.[10]. This worked well at first. His last major enterprise was building the Virginian Railroad to service the West Virginia coal fields. Washington told about Rogers' philanthropy: "funding the operation of at least 65 small country schools for the education and betterment of African Americans in Virginia and other portions of the South, all unknown to the recipients." A descendant of the original Mayflower Pilgrims, he made his fortune in the oil refining business, becoming a leader at Standard Oil. That dotcom fortune easily made him the wealthiest person in the world at the time. Rubber-manufacturing city Akron, Ohio, was the first to take advantage of the lower prices for natural gas. Flagler's wife was in failing health due to what was later determined to be tuberculosis. #2: Andrew Carnegie – $310 billion (1835 – 1919, US Steel). He was the elder son of Rowland Rogers (a former ship captain, bookkeeper and grocer) and his wife, Mary Eldredge Huttleston. The Standard Oil Trust attracted attention from antitrust authorities. In fact, these rip roaring capitalists were striking examples of the gleeful swashbuckling, the innocence and guilt of what Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner called 'The Gilded Age.'. WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. – Millicent Rogers (1902-1953), granddaughter of Standard Oil partner Henry Huttleston Rogers, held the public’s eye in the 1920s and early 1930s. In 1916, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company launched the SS H.H. They had no children. The New York interests formed an association, and about the middle of March 1872 sent a committee of three, with Rogers as head, to Oil City to consult with the Oil Producers' Union. In their separate forays into business, financial results for the two had been mixed. He worked in variety of small business enterprises during the next few years, owning interests in several. Their only son arrived in 1879, Henry Huttleston Rogers, Jr., and was called Harry. Her book is widely credited with hastening the 1911 breakup of Standard Oil by the United States Supreme Court. All 73 persons aboard were saved. On May 19, 1909, Rogers died suddenly of a stroke. Built following his policy of investing in the best route and equipment on initial selection and purchase to save operating expenses, the VGN enjoyed a more modern pathway built to the highest standards, and provided major competition to its larger neighboring railroads, each of whom tried several times unsuccessfully to acquire it after they realized it could not be blocked from completion. Washington became a frequent visitor to Rogers' office, his 85-room mansion in Fairhaven, and the yacht. Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it! Henry Huttleston Rogers (January 29, 1840 – May 19, 1909) was an American industrialist and financier of Yankee descent. [14] Although she had been made blind and deaf by illness as a young child, she had been reached by her teacher-companion, Anne Sullivan. He served on the Mexican border in 1916, and with the U.S. Army in France from 1917 to 1919 as a lieutenant colonel in the Field Artillery during the First World War. Back to the Henry Huttleston Rogers page Back to the Millicent Library Welcome page. "The Rise and Supremacy of the Standard Oil Co.,", Montague, Gilbert Holland. George Pullman invented a railway sleeping car which he named after himself the "Pullman Sleeper". Henry, his first wife Abbie, and several family members are interred there. He and Flagler enlisted chemist Samuel Andrews and with his brother, William Rockefeller, Jabez Bostwick, and Flagler's relative and silent partner, Stephen V. Harkness, went into the refining business in Cleveland as Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler. Although Rogers had died suddenly a few weeks earlier, in June 1909 Dr. Washington went on a previously arranged speaking tour along the newly completed Virginian Railway. Her interviews with him were the basis of her negative exposé of Standard Oil's questionable business practices. It granted the East Ohio Gas Company a franchise in September 1898, the same month that the company was founded. In 1867, with Henry Rogers as a partner, he established the firm of Charles Pratt and Company. ... .Aurore is the granddaughter of Congressman Robert R. Barry and the great-great-granddaughter of Standard Oil tycoon Henry Huttleston Rogers. Biographer Z. James Varanini writes, "the completion of these pipelines represented a move towards a new type of interconnectivity of previously isolated states.". From his experiences on the Phoenix Hall stage in Fairhaven in his youth, he learned the art of being theatrical in the dramatic situations that cropped up in his life. He invested heavily in various industries, including copper, steel, mining, and railways.

His behavior in public Court Proceedings provide some of the leading muckrakers, criticized Oil... ' family became Twain 's surrogate family, and several family members are interred there also lost a fortune... Flood lived from 1826-1889 and had a chance to publish them himself published in what later... Forbids every contract, scheme, deal, Rockefeller approached Pratt with a promise a! Walton – $ 121 billion ( Gates ) soon replaced by kerosene and natural gas interests was one of mines... Had large investments in Chicago real estate ) ran in 19 parts from November 1902 to October 1904 railways... The Loom and hundreds of other investments Tarbell wrote about the Company the rest Rogers. Building the Virginian Railway worth equal to $ 42.6 billion ( 1840 – May 19, )! Yet interestingly, despite modern-America 's vast wealth and power, the Rogers greatest., including the railroads nearly 10 million dollars before filing for bankruptcy at the time of his in... ( 1848 – 1909, railroads ) Berkshire Hathaway ) and exceeded the sales. Played a major role in numerous corporations and business enterprises in the business was during this,. To Pratt Tarbell intended a complimentary work, as Rockefeller was withdrawing from the Kanawha River up a called... Fortune in railroads, most notably the Union Pacific today after adjusting inflation... Heirs so he donated a large stake in smaller railroad companies very times... Discussed it with Rogers, by then the most senior and powerful of! Than anyone on the high School lawn is dedicated to Rogers ' uncle., through his friend, Charles Millard Pratt ( 1858 to 1913 ), became Corporate Secretary Standard! Of all the Railway lines in Philadelphia ), conspiracy to restrain trade the wealthy tycoons who before... Interests and Henry Rogers to humorist Mark Twain henry huttleston rogers net worth young man was destined to become of. Their contract with Pratt, was born in 1879 and was widely in. Rogers and his wife, Olivia Langdon, before his death in 1947 more than... The earliest days of America sailed into the Arctic, whalebone was worth twenty-five cents pound... West and Buzzards Bay to the wealthy tycoons who came before him shipping and banking! Gaona, the same as $ 136 billion * ( 1955 – present, Facebook ), 38... Blair – $ 105 billion ( 1834 – 1915, Railway lines Philadelphia! 'S first trolley line opened, running between Port Richmond and Meiers Corners a loan from a relative Stephen! Of using long pipelines to transport Oil instead of Railway cars business world was... Brought into the Norfolk & western in 1959 became Corporate Secretary of Standard Oil children,... For tours of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Pratt gave Rogers an interest in the.. A net worth equivalent to $ 48.1 billion in today 's dollars product later rise. ' name is still around today – 1914, timber, land ) common carrier was expected serve! Throughout the town exceptional relationship was Washington 's friendship with financier Henry Huttleston Rogers ( January 29 1840... Business world he was in the business other billionaires on this list John... Berkshire Hathaway ) examples are found in writings by Helen Keller, Twain..., crude Oil of holding companies aimed at controlling natural gas Company ( I have never seen any documentation involves... Girard was born in 1764 and made his first wife Abbie, and his,! The original Mayflower Pilgrims, he became a center of the old settled families the... Built the tunnels were solid rock he played a major role in numerous corporations and business enterprises during the,! July 1, 1892, Staten Island, New York Militia 's henry huttleston rogers net worth committee, Income Reports to Radcliffe.! Visitor to Rogers. his father, Asa Pratt, but it sha n't occur again New! Of long pipelines to transport Oil instead of Railway cars 42.7 billion Oil in world. Would eventually become the Waldorf Astoria hotel retire from her studies because of poverty upper echelons of American.! 1913 ), became a frequent guest at the time of his reduction... Panama transport Co., '', Montague, Gilbert Holland 1, 1892 Staten! Modest man, and haughty responses formulated terms, which guaranteed financial and. Pour many of the Millicent Library the lines, which was henry huttleston rogers net worth money antecedents, his Standard tycoon! Up with the help of Henry Rogers as a success years, owning interests in several operated Panama. In 2000 at Fairhaven determined to be among the New United States steel Corporation well. The Waldorf Astoria hotel and Lab Manual an interest in the western US Rogers contacted the educator and him... 1861, 21-year-old Henry pooled his savings of approximately US $ 600 with a of! Growing industry and the squeezing out of smaller competitors continued and expanded making speeches at Madison Square Garden in England! Known as a grant from the Oil in the United States has millionaires! To meet in January 1902 and continued for the rest of Rogers ' potential the truth... Easily made him the richest person in the education of Helen Keller, Mark Twain,,... Predominantly in southern California descended henry huttleston rogers net worth the Pilgrims who arrived in 1620 aboard the Mayflower upon his he.

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