“«Ukrainian Academy of Science the Public Administration» (UASPA) — unites scientists, experts and practitioners in the field of research and activities related to public administration, for the formation the new worldview in the field of public administration, coordination of scientific research and professional expertise of management decisions. UASPA provides an opportunity to realize their intellectual and social potential of its members, the practical use of research results, scientific ideas and experience exchange”, – President of «Ukrainian Academy of Science the Public Administration» Anatoly Balashov (doctor of Science in Public Administration, professor).

Anatoly Balashov — President of «Ukrainian Academy of Science the Public Administration» (UASPA), doctor of Science in Public Administration, professor.

The Organization’s mission: is to unite the efforts of scientists, government officials, society and business to achieve sustainable socio-economic development of the state. To build public administration, based on the adoption of scientifically grounded solutions and effective cooperation of the government, business and society.

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